New Horizons in Autism opened its first group home for women with autism in 1985. Today, the organization operates its residential program for adults with autism through group homes in a variety of communities, including Aberdeen, Freehold, Lakewood, Marlboro, Neptune, New Egypt, Wall, Brick Township and Ramsey. The residential program strives for a healthy balance between a therapeutic and home environment, focusing on the residents’ quality of life and personal development while coexisting peacefully with the homes and businesses in the neighborhood. 



In 1995, New Horizons in Autism began offering a five-day after-school program for children with autism. The after-school service provided by New Horizons in Autism is unique in that it covers all areas of personal needs while enabling children to enjoy supervised experiences in the community. The program is offered in Freehold, NJ.


The after-school program offered by New Horizons in Autism has been in such demand that similar activities are offered on Saturdays, Sundays and during the summer. New Horizons in Autism recognizes the importance of providing a consistent, year-round routine to children with autism in a familiar setting.



Clearly autism does not just affect children; more than 12,000 adults in New Jersey have been diagnosed with the disorder. In order to empower these adults to function in society, New Horizons in Autism offers a specialized day habilitation & vocational programs to those 21 years and older. By targeting individual strengths and capabilities, the program teaches trade skills to adults with autism and enables them to sustain employment in the community. 



Since 1999, New Horizons in Autism has worked with families to facilitate educational plans in the home. This behavior therapy program helps families tackle seeming impossible tasks and create a more harmonious home life. Home-based behavior therapy can be crucial when it comes to supporting a child with autism at home, especially when siblings who do not have autism are part of the family.

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