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NHIA currently has 17 Residential Programs, 6 Day Habilitation Programs, and an extensive Clinical Services Team.

NHIA opened its first residential group home for adults with autism in 1985. Today, the organization operates its residential program through 15 residential homes in a variety of locations throughout New Jersey; including Aberdeen, Forked River, Freehold, Little Egg Harbor, Marlboro, Neptune, New Egypt, Toms River, Wall, Brick Township, and Ramsey.


Our residential program strives for a healthy balance between a therapeutic and home environment, focusing on the residents’ quality of life and personal development while coexisting peacefully with the homes and businesses in the neighborhood. 


NHIA currently operates 5 Day Program locations in New Jersey, located in Monmouth, Ocean, and Bergen County.  Adult day program services are offered for individuals that are 21 and over and no longer attending school.  For program attendees, each experience is tailored uniquely based on their Individual Service Plan (ISP). 


Engaging opportunities are set up to increase skills to increase awareness and independence in some of the following areas: socialization, communication, employment readiness skills, health & lifestyle, daily living skills, and self-determination. These person-centered goals are broken into smaller achievable objectives that are attainable using resources in the facilities and throughout our community.  Staff is highly trained in each area required to support the unique needs of each program attendee. 


NHIA is proud to offer quality clinical services based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The comprehensive behavioral assessments and programs provided are based on the needs of each individual. NHIA actively employs Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs), and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) in efforts to support the ever-growing need for services. The Clinical Team collaborates with all stakeholders as well as offers and encourages training and involvement from all caregivers. These efforts are made to ensure that all behavioral programming leads to the increase of socially significant outcomes for each of the individuals we serve.

Objectives that are achieved through our individualized behavioral programs lead to a decrease in severe challenging behaviors, and an increase in independence, and acquisition of, activities of daily living, functional communication skills, functional leisure skills, and functional employment skills, as well as increased opportunities for social interaction.  In addition to offering comprehensive ABA services to the individuals enrolled in our programs, NHIA also serves as a training facility for employees that are students pursuing a career in the field of ABA. The Clinical Team is proud to offer a 40-hour training program for those pursuing the RBT Certification as well as offer supervision for full-time employees pursuing or maintaining their board certification credentials.  


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